Kudos Kudos Kudos to Ben & Jerry’s who have pledged to make every ingredient they use, where possible, fairly traded.

This really is fantastic news for use here at Smoothiecast. One, because we love Ben & Jerry’s – It clearly is the best ice cream in the world. Two – this sets the standard now for other food companies. If B&J’s can do it with the complex and varied ingredients they use then it should be a stroll for others to follow suit! Let’s add the pressure – let your favorite manufacturers know what the Ice Cream Connoisseurs have done and tell them that they need to follow suit!

You know what this also means? Watch out for more and more Ben & Jerry’s in our Smoothies – Naughty… … … but oh so nice!

Not only are Ben & Jerry’s making their Ice Cream Fairtrade certified but their website is packed full of Fairtrade fun, competitions and a funky Fairtrade initiative which you can get involved with!