Fruit File: Peach

Would you believe me if I told you that these fury little critters are in the same family as almonds?

Well… they are – of course they look nothing like each other apart from the stone which has a different texture – but who cares, you aren’t going to eat the stone anyway and peaches are much nicer in smoothies!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s a nectarine!

Which is actually a peach! Really? Yeah! Peaches and nectarines are the pretty much the same; both having a delicate taste and texture along with a tart and yet sweet taste which will differ between fruit. Both types become sweeter as they ripen. The difference between the two is that the peach is like a nice suede jacket in texture and the nectarine is smooth like a baby’s bottom due to its funky recessive gene.

Use and Storage

Eat them as soon as you buy them or a week after – they will be ripe and ready either way and won’t change muc

h. They may soften a little but that is due mainly to decomposition of the proteins and carbohydrates within, nevertheless it would seem – based on experience – that sweetness may be enhanced due to this!

Don’t feel the need to chill your peaches and nectarines they taste best at or just above room temper

ature, hence why they are lovely when cooked or used to make hot smoothies!


Low in calories, high in fibre, vitamin C and A as well as potassium and niacin – great healthy snack for those watching the waistline – perfect in calorie conscious smoothies!


Yep, peaches lead to immortality – or at least the old Chinese legends go. Let us know if you discover anything on this one!