Fruit File: Yoghurt


A stock ingredient in your smoothie fridge (or your normal fridge if your don’t have a dedicated smoothie one… I’m not sure who does). You can add yoghurt to most smoothies to add smooth velvety creaminess.

Made by the fermentation of milk using bacteria – yum! Lactic acid + Milk Protein = thick tangy smoothie ingredient! It has been made for well over 5,000 years and gets its Turkish name from it’s thickness. It has historical traces in most world cultures and forms a quasi-staple food for most people.

Yoghurt comes in a massive variety of flavours – both from the differences in cultivation and the addition of other flavours. you will also find a variety of thicknesses and amount of macro-nutrients in each brand of yogurt so make sure you check the label so you know what you’re getting your self into! Of course there is also frozen yogurt which we highly recommend for smoothage!

Healthy Stuff

Loads of calcium and protein here, making yoghurt a good option for those wishing to loose body fat and add muscle. Yoghurt is also rich in riboflavin (vit B2), and vits B6 and B12 – so is fantastic for releasing energy from other foods as well as maintaining normal bodily functioning. Lactose intolerant? Non necessarily a problem with yoghurt apparently as the lactose is largely converted to lactic in the fermentation process!

Buying and Storing

Buy your favorite type and flavour then ensure you make the supermarket know that you’d like to see fairtrade equivalents SOON! (if yoghurt has been imported). Once done whack it in the fridge, otherwise it will start cultivating all sorts of things its self rather than enabling you to cultivate a yummy smoothie!

Click here to find out where you can buy fairtrade yoghurt and frozen yoghurt – yuuuum, frozeeeen!

Fun Facts

    • Oft been used as food offerings to pagan god’s
    • Some research suggests yoghurt can help prevent cancer (this research is rather sparse!)
    • Used as a ‘fighting food’ by Genghis Khan and King David which they gave to their armies!