As you know, here at Smoothiecast we’re passionate about Fairtrade – and not only fruity products – so here is our top 5 places to buy your Fairtrade threads as we head into summer!

  1. Nomads Clothing – Let out your inner hippy! Nomads boast an impressive range of expressive clothing which is both Fairtrade and organic! The use of colour is sensational and inspiring and there are some right bargains! Don’t worry if you are not a hippy, the tasteful design transcends dress sense and affinity for hugging trees! The men’s section needs some work but this site is well worth a visit to get your self equipped for a bright summer!
  2. Bibico – Sorry guys, no clothes for you here. But women, you are in for a treat. A Fair Trade fashion label that is a must for this summer. A simple fusion of retro chic and modern contour make the entire range a ravishingly refined fashion extravaganza without any hefty price tags.
  3. Wombat – Clothing for Life’s Adventures is their tag line… and it’s true! A full range of Fairtrade and Organic clothing for all your pursuits (not including pursuits where you need suits). Look snazzy whether you are training on the track, ferreting through the forest or frolicking with friends and a Frisbee! Good show Wombat, Good Show indeed!
  4. Machja – Looking for something a bit more classy, then this Fair Trade and Organic label is for you. A well stocked range for men and women to ensure that you can dress suave and fair-savvy. The price tags are also a little classy but reduced lines are to be grabbed immediately! Got a date? Get Machja!
  5. People Tree – again the old favorite still hold a good range of Fairtrade organic clothing with some new additions, notably the addition of the Emma Watson line. Despite this there is a lack of excitement and edge about the current range which we feel can be found at some of the websites higher in the top 5.