Smoothies for Weight Loss Benefits

Have you ever considered trying smoothies for weight loss?Need to lose a few pounds? Swapping even one meal for a delicious smoothie can help you shed extra weight. If you need to lose a little more, try a 5, 10, or 30 day smoothie fast to jump start your weight loss. Drinking smoothies can help you lose weight for so many reasons; and unlike pills or starvation, smoothies are good for you!

Drinking a smoothie has fewer calories and more nutrients than what you normally have for breakfast; that is why smoothies for weight loss can be the best option to lose that unwanted weight.

A bagel with cream cheese will cost about 450 calories, a breakfast sandwich or a blueberry muffin is around 400 calories. A smoothie’s calories will vary depending on what kind of ingredients you are using, but you can be sure that every calorie is packed with nutrition. Try this melon, apple, and pear mix with a hint of cinnamon for a low calorie fruit smoothie with an extra benefit. Cinnamon helps to regulate your blood sugar and curb cravings for sweet snacks later in the day. Drinking smoothies for weight loss can help prevent diabetes as well as maintain blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes.

Drinking smoothies for weight loss in the morning sets you on the path to eating healthier all day.

Starting your day with whole food raw smoothie every day helps you make healthier choices all day long! If you’ve had a healthy smoothie for breakfast, you are more likely to choose a salad for lunch instead of that greasy burger. The Grapezilla smoothie, try this grape smoothie, instead of your morning coffee. The burst of lemon will give you a bright start to your day! Why not try smoothies for weight loss and see the results!

Additional Benefits of Drinking Smoothies for Weight Loss

Drinking smoothies for weight loss can help with bowel movement, so extra weight in your intestines is removed every time you go to the bathroom.

he extra fiber in your diet from smoothies makes you go to the bathroom more. Doctors recommend at least daily elimination to keep your colon healthy; and drinking a smoothie gives you the added benefit of weight loss. Try a green smoothie with kale like the Joe Rogan Kale shake . Be warned, it’s not for beginners! The taste is a little harsh compared to many other recipes on this site, but after you drink it your body will feel spectacular! Kale WILL get you going!

Smoothies give you more energy to work out.

If you feel too sluggish to get on the treadmill after that big lunch, then try a smoothie instead. It will leave you satisfied without being heavy. You will still want to wait a couple hours because nobody wants to work out on a full stomach. A perfect solution is to drink a smoothie after your workout. The After Workout Smoothie or the Sharon the Post Workout Rub Down; both of these drinks replenish electrolytes lost through sweating, and the Sharon smoothie has protein powder in it! Protein is essential after a workout because it helps muscles repair tiny tears to build stronger muscles. Stronger muscles help burn fat; yet another reason to try smoothies for weight loss.

Drinking Smoothies for Weight Loss Can Stop Cravings

If you’re craving a big bowl of ice cream or other sweet treat, just swap it for a healthy fruit smoothie.

Some of the reason for weight gain is all that extra sugar, fat, and calories we get from desserts. So the next time you’re getting ready to scoop up that bowl of ice cream, try this instead Spumoni Smoothie; it has less than 300 calories and almost 30 grams of protein!

If you’re in the mood for something less filling try this Cherry Banana Smoothie. This smoothie does not contain any dairy product and is best for those who don’t want or can’t have dairy.

Smoothies can definitely help you lose weight! Adopting a smoothie plan to lose weight is good, but making a lifestyle change is great. Getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet will always help you to be healthier and smoothies can help you eat your quota in a delicious combination! Try some of these smoothie recipes if you want to lose weight and you will notice that drinking smoothies for weight loss can help keep off all that unwanted weight.