This is a smaller version of the original New York Smoothie Maker first launched in the UK with a 1 litre capacity goblet, a single speed plus pulse, and is the perfect way to help start your day.

Unique features make this machine quick, easy and fun for everyone–children and adults alike. A dispensing tap allows for continuous mixing and easy dispensing and the specially designed goblet funnels all your healthy, fruity ingredients into the blending blades and tap outlet. An ingenious mixing stick designed for use while the machine is in action is the secret to the perfect smoothie, allowing you to add all your ingredients without having to stop and remove the lid to stir.

The Kenwood Junior is available in silver or white, I personally prefer the silver, although they both function the same way so colour doesn’t really matter. The Kenwood junior is one of the cheapest on the market offering a good capacity and motor power.